It can open new doors of opportunity. It can introduce challenges that take a career to solve. We’ve been proud to work hand-in-hand with students to reinvent what it means to create a resume. Together we’re helping students in ways we never thought possible.

Our mission is to give students the best chance of landing employment. We accomplish this by revisiting resume education with a focus on optimization for modern hiring technologies. By modern hiring technologies, we specifically mean Applicant Tracking Systems. This is the family of software hiring managers use to identify and select the best qualified job candidates.

The Rezi Team

Jacob Jacquet. Co-Founder

Jacob has a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where he studied Economics and Mathematics. Jacob previously worked at Kaplan, analyzing and optimizing marketing campaigns. More recently Jacob has moved to South Korea to introduce Rezi to Korean university students. He lives in Seoul, South Korea and enjoys playing soccer, chess, and learning about Korean startup culture.

William Meger. Co-Founder

William has a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire where he studied Biology and Chemistry. William works at Discovery Communications collaborating with teams to implement innovative technology in new products. William is responsible for guiding Rezi's creative direction, alongside growing partnerships. He lives in Brooklyn, New York and enjoys playing piano and reading about science.